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From "Anders Lindh" <>
Subject RE: AW: [C2] Redirects
Date Wed, 11 Jul 2001 11:14:48 GMT
>> Doing a 'grep -r sendRedirect * | wc -l' on the above app I get 104.
>> Does this mean I have to write 104 actions? Or is it possible to write a
>> generic redirect action
>	If they are all totally different sendRedirect tests, used only once
>	in individual xsp pages, you may need to write a comprehensive set of
>	actions. But I expect in reality it will be a lot less than 104.
>	(without seeing your application. :-) )

We are using a system with an EJB container in the background, and use
cocoon to
build a user interface. And it really works well. The problem is that our
often depend on more complex stuff than just a parameter value, our business
logic (the
beans) take care of as much as possible (including verifying more complex
input), leaving
the xsp pages quite lean and mean. How can this be done with the C2 sitemap
(actions?), as easily as possible? We may not have 104 redirects, but enough
not to write
an action for each...

- Anders Lindh

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