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From JEULIN Olivier <>
Subject RE: Connecting database and XML pages
Date Wed, 01 Aug 2001 12:51:19 GMT
> Thank you, Olivier, you helped me to get started!
You're welcome

> I'm running c1.8.2 so I implemented your example.
> But when I try to open the pages, I get a 
> java.lang.ClassNotFoundException.
> The same happens when I try to open pages from 
> cocoon/samples/sql. I guess I
> have done a little and ridiculous mistake somewhere, but I 
> need some hints
> as to what could be wrong...
> Thanx for your time!
> /Anne Marie
I'm using tomcat, and I put mm.mysql-2.0.4-bin.jar with all the other .jar
of cocoon in the /var/tomcat/lib (linux)
Be sure you have the 'bin' version, not the 'src', of the driver there.
The way to tell your servlet engine to find the file may vary
Also, take a look at the mail list archive, I think that there was a
discussion about the configuration of mysql with cocoon.
(The link to the JDBC driver is
And be carefull with your request: if there is an error (syntax, invalid
column name), I get no exception or message...

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