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From Niklas Lindström <>
Subject static files and webapp-context [C2]
Date Thu, 02 Aug 2001 11:31:21 GMT
Hi again,

here's the second issue:

2) [a]: <map:read> versus [b]: "outside-webapp-context"

When deploying webapps, the general philosophy afaik is to contain all
associated stuff within the webapp-root, is it not? If so, then [b] is
breaking this design.
    My main concern is that if I deploy [a] for stuff like images, js and
css, serving the site on my localhost to myself is unacceptably slow. The
items pop up as if transferred via a fast modem. (Moreover, I guess a new
thread of Cocoon (this is not my game) is spawned for every little image etc
- thus not very wise.)
    I will probably need e.g. XSL-files both to transfer dynamically and to
serve statically to the client if it can do the transformations itself. And
I do not wish to separate these (in the file-system) from other aspects of
the "gui": js, css and images.
    I suppose Cocoon is not able to use xsl-files from other parts of the
filesystem than the webapp-context? It wouldn't look nice either.

I've tried a third option - to map the Cocoon-servlet in the web.xml to a
certain sub-path. But this does not seem possible? I guess the design of
Cocoon is to serve everything in the webapp - is this true or should I
pursue this further?


best regards
Niklas Lindström @

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