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From "cib" <>
Subject Please help: update xsl on form sending
Date Sun, 09 Sep 2001 08:47:01 GMT
I've got quite a hard time with this, and can't find any anwswer.
My form sends datas to my database, and I want the xsl to add new templates
depending on what was added to the database.
It should be easy to make an xsp that generates the xsl page and save it to
the disk, overwriting the old one, each time the form is received.
I've got the form,
I've got the xsp that makes the xsl;
But I don't know how to get the stream from that xsp and save it on the disk
(with the xsl extension)
thanks for answering.
I'm really a beginner in java, and all the arguments for saving files are
chinese to me.
I really need a "for dummies" guide on this.


France, Bordeaux, xml and gay pride.

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