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From Aston Jeremy <>
Subject RE: Wanted - C2 Idiots Guide to deploying XML/XSL/XSP files
Date Thu, 20 Sep 2001 16:22:16 GMT
Thanks for your help people.  Things are working and I am well on my way to
getting more complex patterns and map settings for xml/logicsheet/xsl
transformations going.

I've had to make some notes for fellow developers so I will probably tart
them up and put them somewhere for everyone.  It could even turn into a c2
newbie guide...


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From: Giacomo Pati []
Sent: 20 September 2001 14:39
To:; Aston Jeremy;
Subject: Re: Wanted - C2 Idiots Guide to deploying XML/XSL/XSP files

Quoting Aston Jeremy <>:

> Hi,
> I have just moved from c1.8 to c2b2 and am lost on how to deploy even
> the
> simplest of code under c2.  I did have c2 running as a war under Tomcat
> 3.2.3 but now have got it running as an "raw" web app with Apache
> 1.3.19/mod_jk acting as the HTTP server and java interface (i.e. I've
> got
> the aliases and jkmount /cocoon/* ajp12 in my httpd.conf).  This is so I
> can
> easily develop and add in my basic noddy code without having to
> repackage
> the war each time.  All the samples work fine but even a basic xml page
> coded and copied under the cocoon webapp folder results in a "page not
> found" error.  My research leaves me to believe that I need to add
> something
> to the sitemap file so that the file can be picked up but does this mean
> that *every* page needs to be in sitemap, even if it is in some kind of
> wild
> card arrangement?  It appears that cocoon must be restarted to reloaded
> the
> changed sitemap - surely this is a ridiculous overhead in development
> time
> and prevents rapid "code the page and test it" that I am used to - even
> on
> C1.8.  I basically understand what the sitemap is doing for the samples
> -
> it's just seems too long winded when all I want to do is create a folder
> and
> do a simple XML/XSL transformation.
> Am I missing something?  What I need is an idiots guide to deploying a
> basic
> XML file right through to a basic XSP/Logicsheet/XML scenario.  An
> idiots
> guide to working with the sitemap file would help as well - the alpha
> documentation does not contain sufficent examples at the moment.

The main difference between C1 and C2 is that the definition of the 
processing steps is teared out of the individual xml pages into the sitemap.

The thing is you have to group your pages you'd like to process by a single
stylesheet. To achieve what you call "code the page and test it" use this
sitemap snippet:

   <map:match pattern="mygroup/*.html">
     <map:generate type="file" src="mydir/{1}.xml"/>
     <map:transform type="xslt" src="stylesheet/mygroup2html.xsl"/>
     <map:serialize type="html"/>

With this snipped a file "anyfile.xml" put into the mydir directory will be 
accessable by the url "mygroup/anyfile.html" and will by transformed by the 
stylesheet in stylesheet/mygroup2html.xsl.

Hope this helps.


> As an example - how do I deploy the basic XML/XSL file deployed in the
> Guide chapter that is in the c2 doc set:
> Assume:
> The file path: c:\java\tomcat\webapps\cocoon\mystuff (on Win 2000 pro
> btw)
> The url I request: http://localhost/cocoon/mystuff/greeting.xml
> <http://localhost/cocoon/mystuff/greeting.xml> 
> With my C1.8 knowledge I would have expected that I just create the
> folder
> and plop the files (greeting.xml and greeting.xsl) in there but it seems
> that the sitemap holds the key to these being served...
> Perhaps with a few pointers I can write the idiots guide but I need a
> little
> help myself first!
> Many thanks in advance
> Jez
> <> 

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