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From William Bagby <>
Subject Entity references
Date Fri, 28 Sep 2001 17:52:30 GMT
I am having an issue which is really a Xerces issue, but it's in the context
of Cocoon, so I'm posting it here with the hope that someone here has
encountered it before...
I am trying to output the Bullet character, otherwise known as &bull;. Since
this entity is not declared, I need to use the Unicode character, which is
&#8226;  Xerces translates this as &bull;, according to
org/apache/xml/serializer/HTMLEntities.res.  The problem is, while IE5+
displays this character fine, Netscape 4.x does not recognize &bull;.  It
does however recognize both &#8226; and &#149;, but I have yet to find a way
to pass through the number code.
I hope this makes sense.  Any help any of you can provide would be most
William Bagby

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