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From "Christopher Painter-Wakefield" <>
Subject Re: Nobody Knows HOW TO SAVE STREAM ON DISK!!
Date Mon, 10 Sep 2001 19:10:38 GMT

I think the reason nobody is answering is that nobody on this list knows
offhand how to do it.  They would have to spend time looking up the
appropriate Java references, etc., for your benefit.  I would suggest that
what you are trying to do is not basic xsp but very advanced, and therefore
requires some Java knowledge.  So you may need to take a little time
learning some Java, like it or not.  Otherwise, may I suggest that, since
nobody on this list has a quick answer for you, you take your question to a
Java newsgroup or mailing list, where there will be many Java experts to
help you.

Please respond to

To:   "Cocoon User Mail List" <>

Subject:  Nobody Knows HOW TO SAVE STREAM ON DISK!!

I've been sending message everywhere and reading any book on jsp,
and nowhere it's told how I can get an xsp to record, or update a file.
It's crazy!!

I 've got an xsp which creates or recreate an xsl each time database is
But how can I save this stream from the xsp on my disk, on my server, so
that this xsl can be used on requests to transform my xml files.

Please, java is chinese to me, but i really need to record the file to my
disk for my app to work at last.


France, Bordeaux, xml and gay pride.

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