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From "Christopher Painter-Wakefield" <>
Subject Re: XSP code reuse problems
Date Tue, 04 Sep 2001 17:58:27 GMT


look at your generated code, and I think you'll see why this doesn't work.
ESQL creates a number of local variables inside the populateDocument()
method, which it needs for its tags.  These local variables obviously
aren't available to other methods in the class.


Please respond to

To:   <>

Subject:  XSP code reuse problems

     Trying to implement the code reuse with the XSP method reusePart,
I've come into problems when the method should use the esql taglib.
     When I write a simple method, it works flawlessly and it's
     But when I try to add a esql quey, I ran into problems.
     The pasted code below does not execute the esql part, and I think
this happend because the code fragment is locate above the <page> tag.

private void TwoLevel(String param) throws SAXException {
     AttributesImpl xspAttr = new AttributesImpl();
     int k = 1;
     int idinf = 0;

                    select * from v_inf where (idinf_inf is
null and idtype_inf=1) order by name_itm



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