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From "Luis Gois" <>
Subject Stylesheets using Logicsheets
Date Mon, 29 Oct 2001 18:51:50 GMT
If I understood, you wan't to fetch some HTML generated in a logicsheet from your stylesheet,
I have a stylesheet where I keep my FORM related templates so I can apply them whenever I
have in my generated XML (post-logicsheet processing) a specific tag and a set of attributes
which define that FORM behaviour, like "action" or "method" or if it is a submit element or
a multiple choice one (checkbox, select list, etc). I could just generate HTML in a logicsheet
and then copy it to my stylesheet using the "xsl:copy-of" element, but I think this way is

Example :


<my-button goes-to="foo.xml" sending="PRESS-ME" in="foo-param"/>

Stylesheet calls (instead of having a header:loginButton):

<td><xsl:apply-templates select="my-button"/></td>


<xsl:template match="my-button">    
    <FORM action="@goes-to" method="post">
        <INPUT type="submit" name="@foo-param" value="@sending">

note : having the <FORM> tags inside <TD>s some browsers will expand the cell
dimensions, because of this, I always put <FORM> tags between <TR> and <TD>,
for example.

Luis Gois

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