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From "Kenneth Petersen" <>
Subject Variable from SiteMap to XSL-transformation / Cocoon2
Date Wed, 17 Oct 2001 14:15:00 GMT
I am trying to transfere some infomation from my SiteMap to an XSL-transformation. In my pipeline
i match the pattern "form/*", and what I would like to be able to is transfere the * information
to the XSL-transformation process. Is that possible? Or is it possible to transfere the *
information to an XSP- or XML-file. I tried to use the aggregate command like this:

<map:match pattern="form/*">
   <map:aggregate element="{1}">
      <map:part src="cocoon:/form/{1}.xml" element="data" />

in the hope that the element="{1}" would result in the root element having the name of *.

I know that I can read a parameter from the XSL-transformation. Is it possible to read an

Can anyone please help me?


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