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From Volker Renneberg <>
Subject Tomcat4, Cocoon2, remote machine -> sitemap exception
Date Thu, 18 Oct 2001 08:26:02 GMT

I've a problem running Tomcat4 with Cocoon2 on a remote machine. I'm
starting Tomcat on a remote machine using the .sh-script: start &>/dev/null &

While still being logged in everything runs fine. I get access to both
start pages, tomcat and cocoon. But there's a tricky thing about
logging out of that machine:

Szenario 1) I'm starting
            start &>/dev/null &
and then do a LOGOUT. Everything works fine and I do get the
start-page of tomcat. But the cocoon/welcome-page cannot be displayed
because of an exception which is attached to this mails.

Szenario 2) I'm starting
            start &>/dev/null &
and access both start pages, tomcat AND cocoon. Now I do get both of
them correctly. But after this I _cannot_ LOGOUT because ssh hangs. It
seems there is some open channel or access to some tty/pts which I'm
logged on. Closing the local xterm where ssh is running also kills
Catalina on the remote machine!

Is this a problem with the sitemap creator? Any solution. (BTW: the
"run" argument of doesn't help.) The log's don't say
anything about this problem.

My config:


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