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From Olivier Rossel <>
Subject Cocoon2 with no batik at all.
Date Tue, 02 Oct 2001 18:18:08 GMT
Summary for the lucky ones who have a X11 server on their web server:

A X11 display i required in order to initialize batik correctly.
A X11 display is typically not available on a webserver machine.
So there are various tricks to obtain one (mainly a virtual X11 server)

Of course, my administrator does not think that a X11 server will ever 
hit his machine,
any time during this 3rd millenium.

What's the answer?
Php, Jsp?

One mail on the list seems to say that a proper sitemap.xmap can avoid
any call to any batik routine, so you can remove the batik-libs.jar.
What a great news!!!
Did anyone made that?
Is his sitemap.xmap available somewhere?

Is it true? Or am I condemned to the neanderthal world of servlets?

Any help is welcome.

PS: this X server problem is really a mess!!!

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