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From Martijn Bouterse <>
Subject Re: SVG, JPEG, PNG and Xvfb
Date Fri, 19 Oct 2001 07:48:58 GMT
Phil Blake wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm making an attempt to get SVG's working.
> My understanding is that svg2jpeg and svg2png currently has a dependency on Xvfb.

For Linux the SVG Java libraries (Apache Batik) as used in Cocoon 2
depend on a X display. As Linux can perfectly function without X-Windows
this causes some problems for most Linux servers that don't have
X-Windows installed. MS Windows and other GUI based os's don't have this

> I'm running MacOS X so I installed Xfree86, including Xvfb and used the script submitted
by someone on the list:

AFAIK, MacOS X is a GUI operating system, so there should be no problems
using the Batik libraries.

> if [ "$1" = "stop" ] ; then
> # kill off any framebuffer running, kill kill kill :-)
> kill -TERM `/sbin/pidof Xvfb`
> elif [ "$1"="start" -o "$1"="run" ] ; then
> # start up a virtual framebuffer for cocoon2's rendering
> Xvfb :1 -screen 0 320x240x24 &
> fi
> I called the script xfb and ran it:
> phil% xfb start
> All looked good. There was a process Xvfb running. WooHoo.
> I then trashed the Tomcat work directory for cocoon and started up Tomcat, pointed it
at cocoon and waited for the startup.
> All looked good.
> I selected the sample "scalable vector graphics - An example of a SVG file rendered to
a PNG image. "
> The following image was produced: (it's been scaled down so as not to annoy, and make
the email small enough to make it onto the list)
> To save you looking at it, the image is rendered the same way it was before running Xvfb
- strangely.

This looks more like a problem with a stylesheet or with Batik itself.

Martijn Bouterse

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