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From "Jack Hirasawa" <>
Subject C2 / WebSphere Installation Instructions
Date Mon, 29 Oct 2001 04:51:47 GMT

I finally got Cocoon 2 to work on WebSphere 3.5.4

Here's the skinny...

1) build it as per instructions
2) convert WAR file (deploy on WebSphere)
3) Add all the jar files in Cocoon\lib to the classpath in the Server 
Command line arguments (I put Xerces in front just in case)
4) Also add the cocoon jar file to the server command line arguments
5) Also add to the server command line arguments the following:
6) Add the following Init parameters to the Cocoon2 Servlet:
	Init Parm Name                              Init Parm Value
7) In the document root, edit cocoon.xconf and activate XercesParser by 
moving the following line out of the comment block:
      <parser class="org.apache.cocoon.components.parser.XercesParser"/>
8) Copy the the WEB-INF directory from the web directory to the servlets 
directory (WTF IBM?)
9) Add an entry with an '*' after the web application path name to the 
Servlet Web Path List in the Servlet configuration
      e.g. default_host/cocoon/
10) Meditate on the impermanence of life (to invoke virtuous karma)
11) Say 3 Hail Marys (can't hurt)
12) Call your broker and place a "BUY" order on NYSE ticker symbol "IBM" 
(this step is very important)
13) Start up the Server (this step helps)
14) Open a browser and go to http://localhost/cocoon/
15) Say "Wow - it works!" or "Damn - I forgot something"
16) Call your broker to cancel the "BUY" order and place a "SHORT SELL" 
order on NYSE ticker symbol "IBM"
17) Have a dram of Lagavulin...perhaps have many drams...
18) Dream of one day working on a REAL J2EE app server.

Oh, almost forgot, make sure your server is in full 2.2 compliance mode.

How does one contribute this to the Cocoon 2 installation page?  I'm sure 
there are a lot of frustrated WebSphere users out there.


>From: Michael Zehrer <>
>To: Jack Hirasawa <>
>Subject: Re: C2 - No Welcome Page
>Date: 28 Oct 2001 09:59:41 +0100
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>Hi Jack,
>can you give me instructions how you get C2 to work so far with
>Websphere? Maybe I can help you then with the mapping. I have
>successfully installed C1 with WS 3.54/Solaris, but have no luck with
>C2, there are lots of exceptions.
>Am Fre, 2001-10-26 um 21.25 schrieb Jack Hirasawa:
>Hi C2 users!
>I finally got C2 installed on WebSphere 3.5.2 (not very straightforward)
>unfortuneately I can't get the welcome page.
>In the log I see the sitemap redirecting to 'welcome' but no joy at the
>I'm sooo close to getting it running...
>Has anyone seen this problem and what might be causing it?
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