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From "Christopher Painter-Wakefield" <>
Subject Re: SQL-Statment with two (or more) "where" statments
Date Fri, 26 Oct 2001 14:49:41 GMT


I can't see anything wrong, but you've not shown us all your code.  Also,
we have no way of verifying that your column and table names match your
database.  One reason it is hard to debug ESQL is because all exceptions
get trapped and turned into generic exceptions, so you don't know what
actual issue the JDBC driver or database is complaining about.  You should
first ensure your queries work outside Cocoon (e.g., type them into a query
tool and see if they blow up).  You can also try building up from simple
queries that work, adding to them in small increments, e.g., one WHERE
condition at a time and so forth.  That should help you find what bit is
causing the trouble.

If you want to see what JDBC is really complaining about, you'll have to
hack the esql.xsl logicsheet to re-throw the JDBC exceptions instead of
substituting generic exceptions.


Please respond to


Subject:  SQL-Statment with two (or more) "where" statments


i use cocoon1.8.2. Now i have a little problem:

i want to query my db like this:

                           a, b
          b.fk2 =
                            b.fk1 = <esql:parameter type="string">
<esql:get-string ancestor="1" column="fk_x"/> </esql:parameter>

But i get the errormessage:

Error executed prepared statement: SELECT FROM a, b WHERE b.fk2 =
AND b.fk1 = ?

When i only use one where statment it works, but with 2 it wount

What must i change ?


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