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From "Roberto Lo Giacco" <>
Subject Caching
Date Mon, 03 Dec 2001 20:13:27 GMT
Hello all,
I'm not registered on this list, so I hope the system will accept my email
and you'll answer me not just on the mailing list..
My problem is to provide an easy and powerfull way to separate wedmaster,
webdesigner and content provider roles for my company website. We wish to
have one style for the entire site and give to the content providers a
limited control over the web pages style.
I supposed cocoon 2 was the solution to our problem so I downloaded and
started it, but I experienced a very slow response even for the cocoon
documentation which doesn't have dynamic contents.
My question is: does cocoon2 generate HTML files if all the contents in the
processing pipeline are static or does it generate the content everytime
it's requested? In the latter case cocoon2 doesn't solve my problem because
I need to dinamically regenerate static contents, like an HTML page from an
XML document which will be updated once a week or once a month...

Thanx in advance,
   Roberto Lo Giacco

I read the documentation about caching and checked if caching is active and
it seems it is active by default: I have changed nothing in the
configuration file...

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