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From "therandthem" <>
Subject XML include for masthead and navigation
Date Tue, 04 Dec 2001 18:13:35 GMT
I know that this list is for Cocoon specific questions but with so many
options available to me in Cocoon, I thought I might ask it here.
I am using Cocoon 2 and would like to have standard headers and footers
on every page.  I have my site navigation in the Header.  I would like
the navigation to get its information from a totally seperate XML file
that only has data (no presentation, XSL or logic, XSP).  Something like
  <item name="Home" uri="/welcome">
    <item name="Services" uri="/services"/>
    <item name="Products" uri="/services"/>
  <item name="About Us" uri="/aboutus">
I don't want my individual pages to have any concept of this "menu.xml"
file.  I'd like to reference "menu.xml" from somewhere like XSL, read in
the values and prepend the generated pages with the Header and this
navigation content.  The end result being, I can add and remove values
from one file and have it can the navigation on all pages, instantly.
What is the most simple way to do this in Cocoon 2?
Thanks for any help,

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