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From Joseph Rajkumar <>
Subject Evaluating Variable XPATH
Date Wed, 16 Jan 2002 16:52:58 GMT
Hi Folks
	I have the latest CVS of Cocoon+Tomcat-4.0.1
working fine and I am trying to demo this to the
powers that decide. I have a minor problem and I am 

Part of the xml file:-

<MAIN DataValue="6" ViewValue="6.0"/>
<ARC DataEnd="//MAIN/@DataValue" ViewEnd="//MAIN/@ViewValue"/>

There are lots of ARC elements whose attributes DataEnd 
and ViewEnd contain XPATH to various other attributes contained
in various other elements in the document. 
I need to get to the contents of the attribute
contained in the DataEnd and ViewEnd

In the following template:
<xsl:template match="ARC">
   How do I print the value contained in the XPATH
   which is contained in the attribute "@DataEnd" or "@ViewEnd"
   What I need to print here is 6 and 6.0 as shown in the above

I have search many many places, but I could not resolve this.

Joseph Rajkumar

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