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From "Alonso Lord, Santiago (MA)" <>
Subject XML + XSL + SVG --> PDF. SVG, Not working on Cocoon
Date Wed, 16 Jan 2002 09:53:57 GMT
I´m trying to include a SVG file into a PDF generated from an XML + XT. My
problem is that despite working perfectly on my local box, it doesn´t work
when the file is generated from Cocoon. 
Both boxes run NT
On my local box I use:
XT to generate a *.fo from my XML and XSL 
FOP 0.20.2 to generate the PDF file

The server is using:
Cocoon 2.0
(and Tomcat 4.0.2)

Basically my entry in the XSL is this:
<xsl:template match="svg">
         <fo:external-graphic src="6005b.svg"/>

I´ve played around with that on the server, including a file:/// but given
that it works if i change it to 6005b.jpg, which is in the same location,
that doesn´t seem to be the problem. 
In cocoon´s log this msg appears:

ExternalGraphic: Error while creating area : Invalid Image URL - error on
relative URL : no protocol : null6005b.svg

What´s strange is that that was the same error a gif file was previously
giving me, which i solved by including the file:///

Any idea why it would work on one and not the other?


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