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From "Vadim Gritsenko" <>
Subject RE: RE: File mode cause of "sitemap not available" problems?
Date Mon, 04 Feb 2002 17:06:56 GMT
> From: Christian SCHRŠ¦TER []

> > Please separate Cocoon and sample webapp shipped with Cocoon. Sample
> > webapp should be tried in the development environment, where (if
> > dev. env. is Linux) X is supposed to be started, so no problem will
> > encountered with the samples.
> As we read: It only works if u are have started the xsession as root.
I am
> developing on an Linux environment with started xsession and it doesnt

Even if launching Cocoon under user account, from the X env? That's
sounds strange! I'm not so X expert to help you out here...

> > And when you deploy your own applications
> > build on Cocoon, you should think of deployment dependencies: Batik
> > dependent on the AWT, and you have several options to run AWT:
> >  - X server,
> >  - Xvfb,
> >  - PJA.
> > AFAIU, it is not expected to deploy sample application in the
> > environment. Don't you think?
> At the moment we are building an development environment. Because i
used c1 i
> thought it would help to see this samples...

It will help a lot - I hope. C2 is quite different comparing with C1.
Take a deep look into sitemaps :)


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