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From Dakkar <>
Subject bug in i18n transformer?
Date Fri, 01 Feb 2002 12:22:23 GMT
I'm having some problems with the i18n transf. of Cocoon 2.0.1 (worked
fine with 2.0)
I have an XML file with an elementi like

<title><i18n:text>scelta viaggio</i18n:text></title>

and the corrisponding messages_it.xml containing
<message key="scelta viaggio">Scelta del viaggio</message>

the sitemap is the simple one:
<map:generate type="file" src="prima.xml"/>
<map:transform type="i18n"/>

however, while other string are translated fine, this one doesn't
the error is:

> DEBUG   (2002-02-01) 12:55.10:156   [cocoon  ] (/mare/index.html)
> Thread-36/I18n Transformer: I18nTransformer: Starting i18n element: text
> DEBUG   (2002-02-01) 12:55.10:157   [cocoon  ] (/mare/index.html)
> Thread-36/I18nTransformer: I18nTransformer: Start i18n element: text
> DEBUG   (2002-02-01) 12:55.10:158   [cocoon  ] (/mare/index.html)
> Thread-36/I18nTransformer: I18nTransformer: i18n message text = 'Scelta vi'
> DEBUG   (2002-02-01) 12:55.10:159   [cocoon  ] (/mare/index.html)
> Thread-36/XMLResourceBundle: messages: returning from cache:
> /catalogue/message[@key='Scelta vi']
> DEBUG   (2002-02-01) 12:55.10:160   [cocoon  ] (/mare/index.html)
> Thread-36/XMLResourceBundle: messages: cache_not_found contains:
> /catalogue/message[@key='Scelta vi']
> DEBUG   (2002-02-01) 12:55.10:636   [cocoon  ] (/mare/index.html)
> Thread-36/XMLResourceBundle: messages: caching not_found:
> /catalogue/message[@key='Scelta vi']
> DEBUG   (2002-02-01) 12:55.10:638   [cocoon  ] (/mare/index.html)
> Thread-36/I18nTransformer: I18nTransformer: i18n message text = 'aggio'
> DEBUG   (2002-02-01) 12:55.10:639   [cocoon  ] (/mare/index.html)
> Thread-36/XMLResourceBundle: messages: returning from cache:
> /catalogue/message[@key='aggio']
> DEBUG   (2002-02-01) 12:55.10:639   [cocoon  ] (/mare/index.html)
> Thread-36/XMLResourceBundle: messages: cache_not_found contains:
> /catalogue/message[@key='aggio']
> DEBUG   (2002-02-01) 12:55.10:651   [cocoon  ] (/mare/index.html)
> Thread-36/I18nTransformer: I18nTransformer: End i18n element: text

It seems that the parser is emitting 'characters' events in the middle
of the string (this is to be expected, isn't it?), and the transformer
doesn't like this. I've looked into the source, and it seems that as
soon as a 'characters' event is received (inside a i18n:text element)
the (partial) string is looked up. Shouldn't this be done inside the
I18NendElement method?

(oh, with cocoon-2.0 it probably worked because of a differen xerces


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