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From Baer Peter <>
Subject File mode cause of "sitemap not available" problems?
Date Mon, 04 Feb 2002 07:57:43 GMT
Hi there,

quite a few people on this list report a problem for which we found
a (insufficient, dangerous) workaround. Maybe it helps some of you, too.
Before you read on, please, note that this is *not* a good solution
*for production* systems.

	In our case, the solution was to start the X session as
	superuser. Then we start Tomcat, and -- voila -- C2 works as

Of course, we tried all the things suggested on this list, first. But:
No, it wasn't sufficient to start the X session as a normal user, then
becoming root with su -. This doesn't work in our environment. And no,
xhost +localhost, xhost + and xhost +root didn't help, either. Nor does
it help when we start Tomcat as superuser from the Linux console. It
only works if we do it form an xterm window within an X11 session owned
by root. And when we started the X session as a normal user, the DISPLAY
variable was set to :0.0.

We don't understand this, and we feel that this has severe security
implications. Normally you would rather never start an X session
being root.

We sincerely hope that someone has a better solution, and if so,
we *plea*: Please, let the rest of us participate in your knowledge! ;-)

Maybe the problem is caused by the file modes put on Tomcat or Cocoon
files. However, this appears to have changed. With Cocoon 1.8.2 we
didn't have that sort of problem. Or maybe, we ran into a chain of
mis-interpretations, here. Please, let us know!

Best regards!
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