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From Baer Peter <>
Subject Re: RE: RE: File mode cause of "sitemap not available" problems?
Date Mon, 04 Feb 2002 10:48:01 GMT
Hi Bert,

we'll try Xvfb, and there'll be a second attempt with PJA.
Talking of which: What did you do to enable Java to find the PJA jars?

Xvfb: If I interpret Chris's mail right, it is possible to run this
as a normal user. It's not run as root, which is certainly something
desirable for us...


In fact, we *do have* X on our server, which we use for other purposes,
but we certainly can find another solution for that. But the question

	Why do we get that error message, although we have an X server
	up and running?

	Can anyone explain what the problem is actually caused by?

We think there's something missing in the C2 documentation, or the
file modes may need a change; we don't know. Anyway, our observation
is that C2 cannot be used out of the box, as described in the 
installation instructions, no matter, if it is installed on the
local host, or on a remotely accessible machine.

 >Hi, I'm using
 >- SuSE 7.3
 >- Apache 1.3.20
 >- JDK 1.3.1_02
 >- Tomcat 4.0.1
 >- Cocoon 2.0.0
 >- PJA classes to replace the X-environment
 >This runs fine without any problem.  All SVG samples work without any
 >problem.  Log files are clean!
 >SuSE is installed as a headless system, so no X is available.  The
 >webmaster of the production system does not want to install X or any
 >remotely X-sounding application due to security reasons.  So Xvfb is
 >scraped too!
 >Why don't you use PJA or Xvfb?

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