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From Martijn Bouterse <>
Subject Re: File mode cause of "sitemap not available" problems?
Date Mon, 04 Feb 2002 12:35:55 GMT
Baer Peter wrote:
> In fact, we *do have* X on our server, which we use for other purposes,
> but we certainly can find another solution for that. But the question
> is:
>         Why do we get that error message, although we have an X server
>         up and running?
>         Can anyone explain what the problem is actually caused by?

Without the log entries I have to guess. But I will summize some of the
solutions for problems I encountered with SVG.

- enable access the X server
Use the tool xhost. You can enable or disable access control with 'xhost
-' and 'xhost +'. If you disable access control the X Server should be
accessable anytime from anywhere. You probably don't want this. With
access control enabled you have to enable access for the machine running
Tomcat/Cocoon. If this is the same machine 'xhost local:' will do the
trick, enabling access for local non-network connections. In X 4.0+ you
can disable the usage of a TCP port, which is needed for connecting to
the X Server from outside the X environment. See the XFree86
documentation how to enable that TCP port (usually 6000). You can use
'netstat -l -t' to list listening TCP ports on your system. Look for a
line similar to 'tcp	0	0 *:x11		*:*	LISTEN'. If it's there you have a
running X Server to which you can connect.

- set the DISPLAY environment variable
The shell from which Tomcat is started needs to have its graphical
display redirected to the X Server. If Tomcat is started from a login
shell setting the DISPLAY var of that shell to the correct X Server will
be sufficient. But if Tomcat is started automaticly at system boot-up
time there is no login shell. The DISPLAY var needs to be passed to the
shell running the startup script of Tomcat. This can be done by editing
the Tomcat startup script and inserting a statement that sets the
DISPLAY var to its correct value.

- make sure that Tomcat and Cocoon have permission to write their logs
If Tomcat runs as another user than root, for example 'www-user', you
have to make sure Tomcat is allowed to write its logfiles in the
locations specified in the Tomcat configuration files. This also applies
to the work directory. If a servlet is not allowed to write data in it's
work directory it will not function. Again see the Tomcat configuration
files for the location of the work dir.

Please note that there are other problems which may prevent Cocoon from
starting up cleanly. Check the list archives for possible problems and
solutions, URL:
(These archives need to be promoted!!!)

> We think there's something missing in the C2 documentation, or the
> file modes may need a change; we don't know. Anyway, our observation
> is that C2 cannot be used out of the box, as described in the
> installation instructions, no matter, if it is installed on the
> local host, or on a remotely accessible machine.

The Batik library needing a X Display is a problem. Until this is
resolved at the basic level (in Batik) you have to use some tricks to
get Cocoon to work with SVG. Well, that is my opinion anyway.

Martijn Bouterse

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