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From Joseph Rajkumar <>
Subject Re: Installing Cocoon 2.0.1 on Tomcat-Standalone 4.0.2 with JDK1.3.1_02 and Windows 2K Pro
Date Wed, 13 Feb 2002 20:19:40 GMT
	This problem has been posted by me and many
others on this mailing list. Depends on what you wish to
	If you want to get TC+Cocoon to work, go to
version TC-4.0.1 and Cocoon-2.0.1 with everything else
as you have it. Then you will be fine.

Joseph Rajkumar

Barnaby Shearer wrote:
> I have just downloaded a binary distribution of Cocoon 2.0.1 and cannot get
> it to run.
> I have am running Windows 2000 professional with Sun's JDK 1.3.1_02 and
> Jakarta-tomcat-4.0.2 in standalone mode. These all appear to be working
> correctly.
> I have copied the cocoon.war file into tomcat's directory and restarted
> tomcat. This successfully unpacked the .war file and created the cocoon
> directory.
> When I try and access cocoon (via http://localhost:8080/cocoon/) I get the
> following message:
> ============================================================================
> Apache Tomcat/4.0.2 - HTTP Status 500 - Internal Server Error
> type Exception report
> message Internal Server Error
> description The server encountered an internal error (Internal Server Error)
> that prevented it from fulfilling this request.
> exception
> javax.servlet.ServletException: Servlet.init() for servlet Cocoon2 threw
> exception

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