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From Olivier Rossel <>
Subject ESQL doc.
Date Thu, 14 Feb 2002 14:36:44 GMT
I read the archives of the mailing-list about ESQL and nested queries.
I read an interesting thing about "ancestor" in the declaration of inner 
But I can find no documentation at all, about that point.

Anyone has a link?
Any docs has been updated in addition to the page available at: ?

My problem is to have something like:

<query1> select foobar, foo, bar from table1;
for each foobar:  { 
   <query2> select * from table2 where field1=<current-value-of foobar>;
    for each barfoo (selected by the previous query, inside the '*'): {
        <query3> select * from table3 where field1=<current-value-of barfoo;
    <get-columns-of query2>
    <get-columns-foo-of query1>
    <get-columns-bar-of query1>

I do not plan to use a single complicated SQL request in order to have a 
flat XML

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