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From "hugo burm" <>
Subject Setting attributes of the esql tags dynamically
Date Wed, 13 Feb 2002 14:43:10 GMT

How can I set the "column" attribute of the tags in the esql taglib
dynamically? xsp:attribute generates an error.

The problem:
I have simple sql query "select * from mytable".
Mytable has 5 columns.
The code below generates a Xalan transformer error in C2.0.1  (W2000, Tomcat
When I replace the outdented code below the <!-- 1 --> line with:
<xsp:expr>ic</xsp:expr> the numbers 12345 are printed as expected.
(cnt=number of columns=5).
When I replace the outdented code below the <!-- 1 --> line with:
<esql:get-column-name column="1"/> , the name of the first column is printed
5 times as expected.
So the logic and the query are ok, it is the xsp:attribute that generates
the error.

At the end of the esql documentation of the esql tags there is a note in
documentation of "@*|node()" that the taglib expects a <esql:column> tag
with the name of the column as content when there is no column attribute
(after evaluating xsp which is what I need). I experimented with this but
that didn't work either. How can I use this?

Hugo Burm


                  for (ic=1; ic &lt;= cnt; ic++)  {
<!-- 1 -->


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