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From "Ingmar Koecher" <>
Subject cocoon.war - no automatic extraction
Date Sat, 02 Feb 2002 18:39:47 GMT
I am quite new to cocoon, tomcat and related technologies.

OS: Linux 7.1 + XWindows
Java: IBMJava2-13 (JDK)
Tomcat: 4.0.1 (installed via rpm) on latest Apache (1.3.23?)
Cocoon: 2.0.1

1. Installed IBM JDK, created JAVA_HOME and added JAVA_HOME/bin to
2. Installed tomcat, seems to run fine (including the webapps)
3. Copied cocoon.war into ...tomcat4/webapps
4. Restarted Tomcat
5. Accessed http://...../cocoon
6. Received error message - /cocoon not found

Tomcat log says:
2002-02-01 17:50:37 StandardHost[localhost]: Installing web
application at
context path /cocoon from URL
2002-02-01 17:50:37 HostConfig[localhost] Error deploying web
archive cocoon.war
/var/tomcat4/webapps/cocoon/META-INF/MANIFEST.MF (No such file or
        at Method)
.... (many more error messages I don't think are relevant)

This problem happened on two different machines, one with and one
without xwindows.

I looked at the mailing list archive and couldn't find a solution, but
a hint
regarding the manual decompression of the war archive. So I did:

7. mkdir ...webapps/cocoon
8. chown tomcat4:tomcat4 cocoon
9. mv webapps/cocoon.war cocoon
10. jar xvf cocoon.war
11. Restarted tomcat
12. Cocoon welcome page appears (after 5 minutes ...)

I feel a little insecure with this whole installation though and I
hope that someone can
answer a couple of questions I have and shed some light:

*) Why did tomcat not extract the .war file and why can a file be
missing before it's even
being extracted? What is manifest good for?
*) This linux box has only 128mb of ram and is running xwindows, so
you can imagine that it's
quite slow - is this a problem for cocoon (other than the speed, I can
see that it's VERY slow)
*) I still don't get why x-windows is needed, is there a simple
explanation for that?
*) I don't have the xerces installed, is that necessary for xml+xsl to
work together? I do understand
that xerces is a xml parser, so I assume that tomcat or cocoon have
that builtin, otherwise the cocoon
samples would not have worked, am I right?
*) Does Xalan C++ do the same as Cocoon?

I hope that not all of the questions are stupid ... thanks for any
help in advance.

Best regards,

Ingmar Koecher.

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