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From "Joseph Jupin" <>
Subject Re: Cocoon1 -> Cocoon2
Date Wed, 13 Feb 2002 21:05:39 GMT
In our design, we were trying to keep a clear delineation 
(sp?) from our transforming engine (cocoon) and our 
requestor - in the case of the code I provided, this was 
to show how a servlet from another web server could call 
cocoon and get the transformed results - we also have a 
swing client that calls the cocoon server to help 
dynamically generate our user interfaces (cocoon generates 
our version of XUL)...  you get idea...

We never meant for everything to be contained within one 
sole process/webserver...  just my $0.02 (US)

peace.  JOe...

On Wed, 13 Feb 2002 15:20:29 +0100
  <> wrote:
>> But you have to look at the memory aspect too...
>> A new instance of the generator is created at each 
>>request and so the 
>> amount of memory allocated keeps increasing.
>:( Too bad. 
>> With cocoon2 you can also use a servlet as a generator. 
>> certainly not 
>> the best solution neither but since you have already a 
>How can I do that ? Should I implement the Generator 
>interface too
>in my servlet, or do the HTTP request thing what Jupin 
>suggested ? 
>Or is there any other way to do that ? I saw plenty of 
>which use JSP, HTML, XSP and other thing as a generator, 
>but nowhere
>a simple Java (servlet) code. 
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>answered in the
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