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From "Chitharanjan Das" <>
Subject Urgent: Forward requests from one sub-sitemap to another
Date Fri, 29 Mar 2002 18:04:26 GMT
How do I forward requests from one sub-sitemap to another?
I have 2 submaps under coicoon
Whenerver I get a pattern
I need to forward it to say
I do not want to do a map:redirect because this will cause any of the
request parameters to vanish (as map:redirect, I guess creates a new
Is map:mount the thing to do as if yes can be do a mount from
sub-sitemap to another for eg
            In Sitemap for Sub1
               <map:match pattern="resource1/****">
uri-prefix="../Sub2/resource2" src="../Sub2/" check-reload="yes"/>   
Has anybody have faced this problem ? otherwise I have to duplicate
sitemap entries.
The reason to do this is
I am creating sub-sitemaps for different functionalites. And in some
cases there are overlaps and hence the requirement. This helps me to
have different level of permissions and 
Also have good degree of separation for developers..
Thnks in Advance,

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