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From Rick <>
Subject cocoon tutorial on developerworks
Date Wed, 13 Mar 2002 22:07:15 GMT
FYI, IBM's developerworks site ( has a front-page
link to registration stuff for a cocoon 2 tutorial. i haven't seen the
tutorial itself.

<plug mode="shameless">
in the same vein, if anyone's going to the Software Development West
conference at the end of april, i'm going to teach a cocoon class there.
i figured it was the best way to force myself beyond dabbler-hood. OK,
so it's in the very last time slot in the whole conference -- *i'll* be

if anybody wants to chime in with "oooh, you gotta put in ___" comments,
please feel free. i have no doubt that between now and then i'll be
pinging the list with questions. for instance, when i created and turned
in the presentation so they could burn it to CD, actions either hadn't
been put in, hadn't been documented, or hadn't been noticed (by me). so
that's one thing i'll have to insert.

if there's any interest, i'll post an outline.


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