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From Frank Ridderbusch <>
Subject Apache and mod_jk (could not get mod_webapp working)
Date Tue, 12 Mar 2002 22:32:18 GMT
Hi folks,

I like to share a couple of experiences, which I learned the hard way
and I learned them, while trying to get Cocoon working through Apache.
They might have been obvious to someone else, but anyway.

First I tried mod_webapp. I configured it like this

 <IfModule mod_webapp.c>
 Include /etc/httpd/mod_webapp.conf

while mod_webapp.conf contained the actual directives. The result was,
that it didn't work. Looking at /server-info I saw this:

 Module Name: mod_webapp.c
 Content handlers: webapp-handler
 Configuration Phase Participation: Child Init, Child Exit
 Request Phase Participation: Translate Path
 Module Directives:
 WebAppInfo - 
 WebAppConnection - [optional parameter] 
 WebAppDeploy - 
 Current Configuration: 

No configuration visible. I think here is an issue with the include
mechanism. Then I configured it like this:

 <IfModule mod_webapp.c>
 WebAppConnection conn      warp  localhost:8008
 WebAppDeploy     examples  conn  /examples
 WebAppDeploy     cocoon    conn  /cocoon
 WebAppDeploy     scarab    conn  /scarab

 WebAppInfo /webapp-info

This showed the correct configuration in /server-info, but when I tried
/cocoon/welcome, after some period of burning cpu cycles, I received an
error message about some "internal error" (I used cocoon CVS shnapshot
from Tuesday). So, this didn't work. Perhaps someone else has other

Then I moved to mod_jk. I had used mod_jk with tomcat 3.2 and cocoon
1.8.x. So, I had a configuration left apart from having moved on to
tomcat 4.0.1. 

First lesson learned:

  You need a file for mod_jk. However tomcat 4.0 does
  not include one. First I though: "Ah, simply set this to /dev/null,
  it's  not needed", but this didn't work. mod_jk needs the to configure the ajp ports correctly. Using one
  from tomcat 3.2 made it work.

Second lesson learned:

  Remove an "Alias" for cocoon, if you have one left in your httpd.conf.
  My previous configuration from cocoon 1.8.x  contained a line like

    Alias /cocoon "/usr/local/httpd/tomcat/webapps/cocoon"

  Selecting "/cocoon/hello.html" from the cocoon welcome page would
  produce a 404 error, since apache tries to satisfy this request,
  instead of passing it to tomcat.

Hope, this helps someone else.

	Frank Ridderbusch

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