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From Robert Leftwich <>
Subject XML updating as well as publishing
Date Sat, 02 Mar 2002 00:13:10 GMT
What are people's thoughts on the best way to utilize Cocoon in a XML-centric web application
(i.e. where the app not only publishes XML but it also allows update as well)?
Currently there appears to be little support for updating the XML in a scalable, transactionable
manner unless you are sourcing your XML from a relational database. If, however your data
is semi-structured and does not fit the relational mold, things are a little more difficult
 - if only the database mentioned in the cocoon-dev archive titled '[RT] Dreams for a useful
database' was available :-(. 
The options seem to be :
1. Store the XML as files in the underlying file system utilizing Actions and a FileSerializer
of some sort (such as Ozone or the scratchpad version)  - simple, may suffer from performance
problems, no transactions.
2. Use an XML:DB along with Actions using the XML:DB api to do the updating - relatively simple,
there are still some transaction issues with the Xindice implementation I believe and the
other XML db's are not yet up to speed with the full api.
3. Use an XML:DB along with XUpdate to do the updating - not sure on the status of this. XUpdate
is quite verbose and certainly caused a bit of negative comment on the dev list.
4. Use a relational database and force the data to fit - not simple, may limit what functionality
can be offered because of the warping of the natural data structures.

Are there any other strategies, preferably ones that enable smooth migration as better solutions
become available or is Cocoon not (yet) the best tool for this job?


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