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From Bert Van Kets <>
Subject Re: Why isn't Cocoon making into the commercial world?
Date Fri, 29 Mar 2002 10:14:47 GMT
In my opinion Cocoon will hit the main stream when the Cocoon building 
blocks are ready.
At the moment people who are new to XSLT need to digest a LOT of info just 
to make out the fundamentals of Cocoon.  Giving people the ability to start 
out with a minimal application with just a "Hello World" sample to get them 
going will make things a lot easier (I'm not talking about a minimized 
Cocoon like Chello).  The block approach will make it possible to add 
functionality without the need to know the insides of Cocoon.  That's when 
we will hit the mainstream: when people can use Cocoon as a "simple" tool 
to get results and not as a programming framework where all the tweaking 
and fine tuning needs to be done before getting results.


At 18:28 28/03/2002 -0800, you wrote:
>Dear Cocoon User Group:
>    First of all, I LOVE the Cocoon framework,
>    I'm a total believer, and expecially love
>    how Cocoon2 is turning out!
>    Cocoon seems just awesomely powerfully, years
>    ahead of the classical architectures proposed
>    by Sun (i.e. JSP to ServletBeans to EJBs...).
>    But how come there is NO (i.e. ABSOLUTELY NO)
>    demand for Cocoon expertise in the US market?
>    Type in key word "java" and retrieve 3500 hits
>    on  Type in key word "cocoon"
>    and get ZERO!
>    Is it all just a dream?
>        Steve
>    No need to reply if "your" commerical project
>    is using it: congradulation.  But the bigger
>    picture is my question.
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