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From "Carsten Ziegeler" <>
Subject RE: How to put user data into SunspotDemoPortal-session at logon time
Date Wed, 13 Mar 2002 17:03:40 GMT

> Peter Baer wrote:
> We need the user name and some user specific information in the actual 
> SunspotDemoPortal session.
> Our question is because the default session attributes (and their 
> values) aren't particularly speeky.
> How can we trigger the portal to add the user name and other specific 
> information (like boolean flags) into the session?
> Or are there already some user informations in the session, inserted by 
> the portal?
> And if so, how are they named / how can we get them out?

Everything is already in the session, stored in a so called SessionContext
named "sunRise".

The "authentication document" defined for the portal which actually
does the login of a user delivers these information to sunRise which
then stores them into the session. These information are usually
the user ID, the first name, the last name etc. 

By adopting this resource, you can store more infos in the session.

You can get them in an XML processing pipeline by using the sunShine 
transformer. So you can write an XML file, like this:

<doc xmlns:sunshine="">
   <sunshine:getxml context="sunRise" path="/"/>

If you now build a sunLet reading this XML document and using the sunShine
transformer, you will get all information stored in the session about
the current user.

As the info is stored as an XML tree in the session by varying the
"path" attribute of "getxml" you can get one specific info, like:
   <sunshine:getxml context="sunRise" path="/authentication/ID"/>


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