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From Paul Caton <>
Subject Re: Cannot get MySQL pool connection
Date Fri, 01 Mar 2002 18:53:38 GMT
Well, it was fun while it lasted ... not! I tried Richard's
suggestion. Took a little while to do the rebuild because the
instructions in the INSTALL.src file did not work. But hey, I'm used
to that from Cocoon now, and I could see what was wrong so I hacked
the file and this time the rebuild went swimmingly. But
nothing else went right after that. For one thing, simply copying the
cocoon.war file into Tomcat's webapp/ directory did not get Tomcat to
recognise the existence of Cocoon (not through Apache, at least). I
started having flashbacks to the problems we had trying to get Cocoon
working under MacOS X in the first place, and right at this point I
decided I'd simply had enough. I'm sorry, but in my book Cocoon 2 is
really promising but not ready for prime time. Some days ago I
submitted a question to "Ask Slashdot" wanting peoples' opinions on
Cocoon 2 versus Zope. A number of people suggested using just Tomcat
and JSPs rather than Cocoon, and others suggested going with
AxKit. I'm off to investigate those options. I might come back to
Cocoon in six months, hoping by then that these teething troubles have
been ironed out. In the meantime, many thanks to all who offered
suggestions, and good luck to those of you still struggling - my
thoughts are with you.


Paul Caton
Electronic Publications Editor
Women Writers Project

    tel: (401) 863-3619
address: Box 1841, Brown University, Providence RI 02912


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