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From "Stephen Ng" <>
Subject RE: caching proposals: SQLTransformer and Request
Date Fri, 10 May 2002 23:23:00 GMT
> May be you should consider different design, which is suited
> better for
> the problem? XSP pages with ESQL provide easy ability to program any
> caching behavior.

What?!?  You just convinced me to go from XSP/ESQL to SQLTransformer!  The
problem with ESQL is the Java recompilation, which is excessive when only
the sql part is changing.

Anyway, another way to solve my problem would be to simulate
RequestGenerator using an XSP (have an xsp create the same format output as

But this is really no different at all from rewriting RequestGenerator so it
supports caching--the caching issues are exactly the same.

So I think this means I should put caching into RequestGenerator.

(As no-one has either protested or applauded, maybe not that many people are
using RequestGenerator?)


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