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From "Vadim Gritsenko" <>
Subject RE: data from url into java String
Date Wed, 08 May 2002 16:51:46 GMT
> From: Jon Williams []
> I've made a great deal of progress on this problem already, but i seem
> have hit a snag.
> i have this line in my XSP:
> <cinclude:include
> src="http://localhost:8080/exist/modify_rank/includeXmlTest.xsp" />
> which causes the include of data that looks like:
> <xsp:logic>
> String xml="&lt;/content&gt;";
> </xsp:logic>
> alas, cincludes appear to be processed *after* the XSP page is

Of course. If you have <map:generate type="serverpages"> and then
<map:transform type="xinclude"/> - it executed *exactly* in this order.

> and so i end up with the above XML in my output stream, rather than it
> being executed along with the rest of the XSP page.
> just fyi, what i'm going for is to get "entity-fied" XML (via
> xml-to-string.xsl)
> into a java variable, so i can pass it to a taglib that saves it into
an XML
> repository.
> So what i really need, is to get dynamic text (XML in this case) into
a Java
> string at runtime...
> and here i thought i almost had it... isn't there a
> method somewhere???

Resolve your source using resolver (resolver.resolve(sURL)), and then
you can use XSPUtil.getContents(source.getInputStream()).

But personally, I would avoid using methods taking String instead of
Source (except may be for really small XML fragments).

Another thing to avoid is http:// pointing to the same Cocoon instance -
it's just ineffective.

> i've been reading the archives for months -- thanks for the kickin'

PS Read some recent email about XSP to get what and when compiled.


> :j

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