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From Jon Williams <>
Subject data from url into java String
Date Wed, 08 May 2002 16:18:20 GMT
I've made a great deal of progress on this problem already, but i seem to
have hit a snag.
i have this line in my XSP:
src="http://localhost:8080/exist/modify_rank/includeXmlTest.xsp" />
which causes the include of data that looks like:
String xml="&lt;/content&gt;";
alas, cincludes appear to be processed *after* the XSP page is compiled
and so i end up with the above XML in my output stream, rather than it
being executed along with the rest of the XSP page.
just fyi, what i'm going for is to get "entity-fied" XML (via
into a java variable, so i can pass it to a taglib that saves it into an XML
So what i really need, is to get dynamic text (XML in this case) into a Java
string at runtime... 
and here i thought i almost had it... isn't there a load_String_from_URL
method somewhere???
i've been reading the archives for months -- thanks for the kickin' resource

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