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From Andreas Hochsteger <>
Subject Re: [DOC] Cocoon Related Resources (attached)
Date Sat, 11 May 2002 12:13:03 GMT

On Samstag, 11. Mai 2002 13:47, Diana Shannon wrote:
> Andreas,
> > I'm just exending the 'Other Topics' section and added a page for
> > Schema links and want to continue to provide some links to references,
> > guides, articles, ... to technologies and standards used by cocoon.
> That sounds great.
> > If I can help you somewhere else, you can point me there. I'll see, if
> > I find
> > enough time to help you out.
> Don't think of it as helping *me* out -- it's about giving back to the
> community for this great software we all can use for free. We're all
> volunteers, just doing the best we can. Individuals come and go, but the
> community as a whole goes on, I guess, as long as the software remains
> relevant, and we all continue to have *fun* participating.
> > Is there somewhere an official document on how to contribute
> > documentation for
> > cocoon?
> Not yet. It has been delayed by the lack of a clear consensus on
> cocoon-dev. Right now, the only "official" way is the path you have
> already followed. I'm really sorry about this.
> > I had some difficulties (how to use bugzilla in case of docs) at the
> > beginning
> > on delivering my work.
> Well, now that you have been through it, you are the *perfect* person to
> write a howto document on how to contribute docs through bugzilla. You
> perspective is "fresh," and I think you will be able to anticipate the
> difficulties new users will have. Your howto will save some trouble for
> other people who may decide to contribute in the future. I'll post an
> announcement to this list when instructions and resources to contribute
> specific docs, like howtos and others, are available for you to
> download. Thanks for your interest and help so far.

I'll see what I can do ...
Therefore I've got some more questions which I'll post in a separate thread.

> Diana



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