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From Bert Van Kets <>
Subject Re: Include external javascript file
Date Tue, 28 May 2002 20:18:51 GMT
You must add a pipeline for every filetype you wish to call in your 

Put your *.js files in the "js" directory and add the following to your 

       <map:match pattern="*.js">
         <map:read src="js/{1}.js" mime-type="text/javascript"/>

Now you can call any external javascript file directly, but it will be 
served from the js directory.
Adjust to your liking.

At 12:54 28/05/2002 -0700, you wrote:

>A cocoon newbie question:
>I am trying to include a javascript function from an external .js file 
>into my xsl stylesheet.
>I have the following in the xsl stylesheet:
><script  src="cold_reverse_script.js" language="javascript" ></script>
>The file cold_reverse_script.js is in the same directory as the xsl 
>stylesheet & contains javascript code for a single function:

>function cold_reverse_search_criteria() {
>javascript code .....
>                 }
>I have this entry in my sitemap:
><map:match pattern="**.js">
>     <map:read src="{1}.js" mime-type="text/jscript"/>
>(I've also tried "text/javascript").
>However, this does not work.  I get "error on page" whenever I try to 
>access the javascript function from the .js file.   When I look at the 
>source for the HTML page in the browser, it shows 
>"<script  src="cold_reverse_script.js" language="javascript" ></script>" 
>just as I've written it in the xsl file, but does not show the code that 
>is in the .js file.
>If I put the javascript function code directly into the <script></script>

>tags, it works fine, but I'd like to use the external .js file.
>Any help would be greatly appreciated.
>Beth Naquin
>1145 Broadway Plaza STE 200
>Tacoma, WA 98402

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