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From "Ruth, Thomas {PDBI~Basel}" <THOMAS.R...@Roche.COM>
Subject RE: Cocoon and cokies
Date Mon, 06 May 2002 08:45:35 GMT
Thanks Vadim
yes you are right. It this cookie handling of Cocoon I don't know what to do. 
Any additional tips?

> From: Luca Morandini []
> Thomas,
> I know this will sound rather naive but... did you look into the
> logicsheet ?

Unfortunately, this won't help him. He wants to act Cocoon as a client
to Livelink and manage cookies sent by Livelink on Cocoon side (like
usual browser does).

I would say that this requires patching of URLSource which is
responsible for handling external HTTP sources, and adding cookie
management capabilities to in.


Resistance is futile.

> Best regards,
> ---------------------------------------------
>                Luca Morandini
>                GIS Consultant
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From: Ruth, Thomas {PDBI~Basel} 
Sent: Saturday, May 04, 2002 6:10 PM
To: ''
Subject: Cocoon and cokies

Hi all
we have introduced a new Intranet portal framework in our organization (very successful for
around 3000+ users). This portal framework is based on two components. Cocoon2 and Livelink
(a CMS from Opentext). We use Livelink as the data entry tool for users. Livelink is already
well known in the organization so we reuse this tool. As Livelink offers a function to export
metadata to XML we use this and publish the relevant data to the Cocoon2 environment. This
is a real publishing process, content managers maintain data and at one point in time they
publish. So we publish the data on demand and present on the portal whatever we do with the
data using XSLT (and other features from Cocoon).
The export of the data can be triggered by using http request from any browser. Something
like: http://livelink/id=12345&objaction=xmlexport&scope=sub&attributeinfo. This
generates a XML file (if already logged in). If I am not logged into Livelink, I get a prompt
and can provide my username/password. Livelink uses cockie to handle the session and priviliges.
I can also provide username/password in the URI http://livelink/func=ll.login&username=XXX&password=YYY.
This works from a browser. Livelink is recognizing the request does a login, sets the cockie
at the client browser by sending a page using the meta tag redirect. 
As we have such a great success in using this framework (Thanks to all of you who have participated
in building Cocoon2!!!) we now want to go a step further and generate the XML file on request
by the portal user.
So the sitemap shall have an entry like
<map:aggregate element="live">
	<map:part src="http://livelink/livelink.exe?func=ll.login&amp;username=xxx&amp;password=yyy"/>
	<map:part src="http://livelink/livelink.exe?func=ll&amp;objAction=XMLExport&amp;objId=6152797&amp;attributeinfo&amp;scope=one"/>

This is working when sending these two http requests from an browser, with the first request
setting the cookie, so the second request gets 'through'. 

I have no idea on how we would do this in using Cocoon2. Any idea? How can Cocoon handle cookies?
Does anyone know?

Thanks for any help
Thomas Ruth

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