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From "Axel Seibert" <>
Subject multiple values from a form
Date Wed, 22 May 2002 21:27:22 GMT
Dear Cocoon users!

Could some kind soul please send me some sample code how to cope with
the result of <xsp-request:get-parameter-values/> with Cocoon 1.8.2? I
somehow seem to be unable to figure out myself...

background: A form offers the user the choice to select several values
for a single attribute (each value encoded as a single char, e.g. "T",
"G", etc.). I'd like to concatenate all different chars into a single
string and save it into a database column. So far I've managed to
connect to the database and collect all the other form variables, but
this multiple value thing is driving me crazy... I've tried pure xslt,
combined with Java, pure Java (as I've found in some other example) --
all to no avail.

Any hint & tip would be very much appreciated!
Upgrading to Cocoon2 unfortunately is not an option.


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