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From John Austin <>
Subject Re: Giving up! Cocoon too big, slow and confusing
Date Sat, 29 Jun 2002 01:13:05 GMT
This all on the same day that President Bush said he would be the first 
President to get a colonoscopy ... "To support our war on Terrorism". 

I saw him say that on CNN and laughed for an hour ... What's he gonna 
do ? Drop leaflet photos on Iraq showing the inside of his butt-hole ? 
[Caption: Pucker Up Saddam!]

On Friday 28 June 2002 04:20 pm, you wrote:
> Dear List,
> This thread was false from the beginning. You just have to look at
> the subject to expose the authors real intension - a simple reckoning
> - and he even gives us the reason of his frustration: the end of his

I take exception to that remark.

> > short vacation in beautiful Chicago

I was actually in Naperville for five days.

> having to resume his mind-numbing work somewhere between
> > Toronto and Montreal.
> Catching himself dreaming of
> > ...thirty-year-old mainframe operating system
> > (MVS) produced by IBM back in the sixties and it's patching system
> > (SMP4)...

A thing of beauty about twenty years ago when multiprogramming was  
hard to do BUT abandoned as a professional pursuit by this author 
BECAUSE of it's mind-numbing complexity. If I had stayed at it I'd be 
wealthier today but much older and fatter than I am now. 

Since MVS, I have worked on VM/SP; VAX/VMS; SunOS 4.1.?; HP-UX 8, 9, 10;
Linux; OS/2 and it's evil cousin. I have done C, C++, Perl, Java and a 
bunch of web stuff ECMAScript; HTML, CGI. Oddly enough, my pre 
object-oriented C looked a lot like the code from my PL/1 period.

> he wisely diagnoses
> > Maybe I'm getting old
> but afterwards the retraction:
> > it can't just be my age.
> and he puts the blame on cocoon, which is certainly much younger, and
> full of vigour...

So Cocoon can deflower maidens faster than I ? The only vigour around 
here is my 15 year old son with the 12 percent body fat and a cannon 
for an arm who wants to be a quarterback. The guy who wakes me up in 
the morning demanding I spot his 50 kg bench press. (At least HE takes 
my advice ocassionally: "you need to start doing 30 minutes of cardio 
every day")

> sorry, but this is poor, like most reactions that followed.
> The defeatist subject line obviously attracted and encouraged others
> to take the pressure off themselves.

Actually, I can't afford to give up. I have a product three quarters 
built for a client who wants to give up. Today, I secured enough 
funding to complete my Beta. When it works sucessfully, I will win the 
client back. At that point I will have enough time and money to do this 
Open Source thing part time. If I fail, I might donate part of the 
project as an example just before I move in to my car.

> The spurious argument: Lack of documentation. This is not really new
> to someone who has read the documentation, because even there it is
> an issue. But for being more comprehensive the following issues are
> not really new either:

It's not spurious. There have been a TON of people agreeing with me and 
discussing the issue. Even YOU agree that the docs are lacking.

> - Developers are saying contribute but mean fuck you.
> - The Cathedral and the Bazaar

Read it when I was learning RCS/CVS. Also read the later stuff that 
leaked out of the Redmond death star.

> - Attacking $cocoon-book authors
> - Defending $cocoon-book authors

When in doubt ... blame the victims ...

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