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From John Austin <>
Subject Re: [USER POLL] New cocoon-docs mailing list?
Date Sat, 29 Jun 2002 01:32:40 GMT
+1 for me.

> if the cocoon-dev list doesn't already fit the need.  the only thing
> I think the doc list would do is
> discuss needs / fixes to the existing docs which may not be a bad
> idea considering the recent / continuing
> threads

In such a list, threads would presumably relate to specific aspects of 
the documentation. This list would be a really good source for archive 
searches and users could ask where to find specific stuff.

In a perfect world, this list would be moderated. The ideal moderator 
would be someone who reads everything anyway, has a vast and in-depth 
understanding of Cocoon. That last property leaves me out but there are 
several people who do all of the work all ready. Moderatorship should 
help improve the product by keeping out discussions and concentrating 
the list traffic. Of course, improved documentation will bring us an  
increased user base, thereby increasing traffic. ...

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