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From Andrei Svirida <>
Subject "(possible context problem)" after moving application out from Cocoon tree
Date Thu, 27 Jun 2002 13:33:28 GMT
Hello Cocooners,

I have a following problem : i had a cocoon application running at <Cocoon Deployment Root>/testapp
everything worked fine.

After moving the application to c:\testapp i updated the entry in my
main sitemap.xmap to
<map:match pattern="mmservicearea/**">
      <map:mount reload-method="synchron" check-reload="yes"  src="file:///c:/testapp"

Now i get an error
java.lang.RuntimeException: testapp/docs/forms/login-form.xml could not be found. (possible
context problem)

I have some form validation code in my application wich uses
form descriptor in c:\testapp\docs\forms\form1.xml
and i reference to this descriptor with
<map:parameter name="descriptor" value="context://testapp/docs/forms/form1.xml"/>

Its obvious that this code causes the error.

Is there some way to solve this problem other then saying:
<map:parameter name="descriptor" value="file:c://testapp/docs/forms/form1.xml"/>
-- ?

I would greatly appreciate any tip

Andrei Svirida, Projekte & Entwicklung
MIDRAY GmbH - a debitel company
Phone:  +49.221.8884 435 
Fax:    +49.221.8884 455

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