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From Alex McLintock <>
Subject Re: Tutorial & Xindice
Date Wed, 12 Jun 2002 11:43:12 GMT
At 00:15 12/06/02, F Baube wrote:
>Cocoon 2.0.2, Xindice 1.0, Tomcat 4.0.4-b3 on Linux...
>I'm trying to work thru the Cocoon tutorial,
>and I'd like to get it to work with Xindice.
>And I'm afraid that DB's are not my strong point.
>I have Xindice running, and I get an exception (below)
>when I try to add a department (which takes me to the URL
>         http://localhost:8080/cocoon/tutorial/create-dept.html
>How could I get the tutorial to work with Xindice ?

You seem to be a bit confused about the difference between a relational 
database and an XML database. A relational database has tables, rows, is 
searched using SQL and sometimes has a JDBC driver. XIndice has none of 
these things and so will not work with JDBC. It stores XML documents 
(grouped into collections), you search it with XPath and the things 
returned are XML fragments.

Do not try to use XIndice as a relational database.


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