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From "Jan Uyttenhove" <>
Subject RE: Tomcat/cocoon encoding problem
Date Fri, 07 Jun 2002 15:30:41 GMT
Try to start the jvm (tomcat startup) with
property -Dfile.encoding=ISO8859_1

Maybe you should choose another encoding, I used ISO8859_1 to solve a
similar problem with french characters.

Hope this helps.



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  From: Michael Mangeng []
  Sent: vrijdag 7 juni 2002 16:47
  Subject: Tomcat/cocoon encoding problem


  I´ve set the encoding of both the xsp and the xml serializer correctly.
After i request the xml i get the right encoding - ISO-8859-1 in the <?xml
... ?> tag but german umlaut´s like äöü are replaced by '?'.

  I´ve noticed the same problem when i use beans on my JSP Pages (without
cocoon; only tomcat)
  (Using äöü on a jsp works - but as soon as i set the data in a bean and
then request it back - i have äöü instead of the umlauts in my string).

  I´m using linux 2.4.17, jdk1.3.1, tomcat 4.1.2alpha and cocoon2.0.2.

  So... Is there a anywhere a setting for the jvm, tomcat or cocoon that the
umlauts are correctly displayed ?


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