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From "Andre Cusson">
Subject RE: sitemap.xmap question
Date Tue, 18 Jun 2002 20:10:32 GMT

Thanks for your help again.

We have both interactive and batch publishing requirements.
I currently feel that Cocoon addresses well the interactive publishing part.
My feeling is also that batch publishing through Cocoon now is probably
What do you think (how wrong am I) ?
Is there interest to better support batch publishing with Cocoon ?
How about things like regenerating (ex: bacground) 5 compound documents of
about 1000 pages each to pdf and html, for example, or generating 50000 pdf
and html paychecks or invoices, each with a (pdf) labeled envelop ?

Thank you.

PS: I will lookup the SourceWritingTransformer, thank you.

PSS: See example below.

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De : Vadim Gritsenko []
Envoye : 18 juin, 2002 08:27
A :
Objet : RE: sitemap.xmap question

> From: Andre Cusson []
> Hi,
> Does this mean that a pipeline can only transform/produce a single
> file/page per invocation ?

Usually - yes. See SourceWritingTransfomer (somewhere in the scratchpad)
for the unusual.

> Can sub-pipelines be used to generate multiple pages/files from a
> main incoming xml stream ?

I'm not sure what that is, but I think no, not at this moment.


source: an xml file with 1000 invoices (with selection criteria for xpath
transform: render each to pdf
transform: for each, generate a pdf labeled envelop
serialize: for each, serialize to invoice.pdf file and to envelop.pdf file

an alternative could be to do all invoices and then do all envelopes but it
is more work for both the human and the system

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