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From Rick <>
Subject sunRise For Dummies?
Date Fri, 30 Aug 2002 20:07:50 GMT
we are all agog to start building apps with sunspot -- this is what
we've been waiting for!

however, our immediate need (e.g., up by 9/25) is just for
authentication. i have some pretty newbie-ish questions:

1) the only sunShine example i could find in 2.0.3 is wrapped up in the
portal. does anyone have a simple authentication-only set of sitemap
snippets that they're willing to share?

2) true or false: (1) the "authentication" sample app in 2.0.3 is
unrelated to sunShine, and (2) that previous mechanism will be
supplanted by sunShine once the latter moves out of the scratchpad.

thanks (as ever) for your help.


ps: still haven't had a chance to get that ruby XSP interpreter built,
they keep plopping new features and new deadlines into our main
development effort here...
systems programmer
ASIG, univ. of WI soil sciences
608-265-9354, fax 265-2595, cell 345-5247

"The trouble is, voodoo doesn't scale." -- Rob Gingell, Sun VP

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